"Great service and experience. I have repeatedly had great experiences with McAfee Heating & Air Conditioning. The last visit was not an exception. The technician that came to my house was very professional and friendly and worked quickly and efficiently while going above my expectations in my air conditioner check up (cleaning the leaves from around the unit, for example). This has been my experience in every McAfee visit to my home. After the check up, the technician was willing to talk to a neighbor who was interested in a new furnace. The neighbor appreciated his knowledge and willingness to give his time."

- Kaitlin

"Consistently professional service over multiple years and appointments has been my experience. Technicians take time to explain details, listen to my questions and have helped me spend my money wisely. Professionalism starts with the answering of the phone and continues through processing my payment. Pick up the phone and experience for yourself how it feels to be treated professionally. A pleasing experience when compared to other companies where you are put on hold for extended periods of time, hear background chatter, technicians show up with a less than professional appearance, walk on new carpet with their dirty shoes and are less than thorough in their explanations."

- Kelly

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