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"Your technician, Roe, was great. He was prompt, polite and very competent. On a side note, I want to report that since the installation of my new McAir A/C unit my electric bill has gone down by 2/3rds, really! DP&L gives me an energy audit periodically and my usage has been cut by that much, thus the much lower bill. You guys ROCK!"

- David Fenner

"The McAfee installation team was very professional and hardworking...even with me bothering them!"

- Timothy Menard

"Your installation crew was knowledgeable and punctual. I appreciate their workmanship and their hard work from 7:30am to 7:00pm, straight through!"

- Dennis Grable

"David did a fantastic job of servicing my HVAC."

- Juan Martinez

"I will highly recommend McAfee for great work, honesty and fair pricing. I\'m very pleased with my new heating system. "

- Timothy Menard2

"The work was complete, correct and on time...and the employees were very friendly. Mike and James worked continuously until the work was completed. They knew what they were doing!"

- R. Scarfo

"The air duct cleaning and furnace check team was very professional, efficient and clean. "

- Edna Kenny

"One would never know they had been here all day with how well they cleaned up...thanks again and we will recommend your services!"

- George and Barbara Chambers

"With my new air conditioner I feel happier physically and mentally. Your team answered all of my questions, worked fast and got the job done...with no fooling around."

- Norma Kaltenbach

"The air duct cleaning service provided by McAfee was professional and courteous. "

- Shelli Mendel-Koeppl

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