5 Ways To Save This Fall

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5 Ways To Save This Fall

You know what they say about Ohio weather? If you don’t like it, just stick around and it will change soon. Right now many homeowners have a thermostat that automatically switches from heating to cooling and they are experiencing just that. On cool mornings the furnace is running and on warmer afternoons the A/C is on. It’s a great convenience, maintains comfort and can save energy by avoiding manual switching when the house is either too hot or too cold.



Here are 5 easy ways to save some money this Fall!

  • Seal around doors, windows, and electrical outlets. Heat from your home escapes around those areas. By sealing them you can save on your heating bill.
  • Fall is the time to have your furnace or heat pump checked. Typically the savings that is created by the tune-up will pay for the cost of it. 

  • If you are thinking of replacing your gas furnace, consider one that is rated at 95 percent or higher in efficiency. By replacing your older furnace, you can save up to 30 percent of your heating costs. Remember to look for the ENERGY STAR® label. 

  • It’s time to take a look at your water heater. How old is it? Have you had it checked lately? The last thing you need is the tank to crack and leak water all over the place. Have you considered a tankless model? Research them on line and find out more.

  • Fall is also a great time to have your air ducts and vents cleaned. Did you know your duct work on average accumulates  more than a pound of dust each year? Cleaning decreases the blockage and increases air flow. An average price for air duct cleaning performed by a certified air duct cleaning company on average is $350-$750.

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