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Lifetime, All-Inclusive Coverage On New McAfee Systems

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Purchasing a new system is a big decision. At McAfee, we feel you should only have to make the decision once. Introducing the McAfee Omega Plan… Lifetime, worry-free coverage available on new McAfee Systems. Never a charge for maintenance or filters. Never a charge for repairs and no longer an overtime rate. When the day comes that your system needs to be replaced, you’re covered. Enrollment in our McAfee Omega Plan guarantees you will never have to purchase a new system ever again.

About The McAfee Omega Plan

The McAfee Omega Plan protects you from the expected and unexpected costs associated with a new system. Expected costs, such as annual maintenance and filters are covered 100%. Unexpected costs, such as a repair visit, are covered 100%. And when repairs no longer make sense, a brand new McAfee System will be installed at no additional charge to you.

A lifetime of comfort is only a choice away. Contact us today for your free, no obligation estimate on a new McAfee System and ask about the Omega Plan.

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McAfee Omega Plan Coverage

Item/Service Covered
Emergency Repairs
DISCLAIMER: Enrollment into the Omega Plan must be done at time of McAfee System purchase. Only available with complete system replacement. Batteries are not covered. Terms and restrictions apply.

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